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Product Photography Studio – For over 20 years, Erick Amirkhanian has been producing some of the best studio product photography in the industry. He brings a clean and creative style to his product photography that perfectly capture’s each product’s beauty and details. His incredibly sharp images have been used for websites, volume catalogs, brochures, interiors, magazine advertisements, commercial interiors, residential interiors, and architecture.

With a studio located in Glendale, CA, Erick Amirkhanian is widely recognized as a specialist in product photography. As his customers’ goals have advanced over the years from printed advertisements to websites, Erick has also upgraded his studio and skill set with the most sophisticated camera equipment and specialized lenses on the market. One quality of his that hasn’t changed, however, is his passion for lighting products; he has managed to create the best studio lighting in product photography. His final images also showcase his many product photography talents, including product styling and digital retouching.

If you’re searching for an experienced and creative product photographer in Los Angeles, contact Erick Amirkhanian. His ability to surpass the needs of his discerning clientele has made him one of the best Los Angeles product photographers in the area. He also works closely with designers, graphic designers, and web design artists in Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco. To request quote for product photography services, please call 818-416-7547 or email: [email protected].

Erick Amirkhanian’s product photography services include: Advertising Photography, Product Photography, Jewelry Photography, Website Design, Graphic Production Design, Catalog Photography, Website Photography, Catalog Design and Commercial Printing.

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