Real Estate Photography: Key Elements of Best Interior Photography

Photography: Key Elements of Best Interior Photography

Photography: Key Elements of Best Interior Photography

Perspective – To begin with, first decide, which corner is best to capture the perfect view of a room. In real estate photography, perspective is important to show the room in its most pristine view, showcasing elements such as windows, columns and the ceiling.

Balanced Lighting – Natural, Incandescent Light and Flash – Lighting is the most important element of any photo shoot, especially in interior architectural photography. The balance between the outside window light to the interior lighting of the room is technically involved. Some photographers use HDR technique to achieve balanced lighting. While this is a completely valid technique, it is not the only technique used in professional interior photography. More accurate method of lighting a room is, simply balancing the exposure of the interior area to the exposure of the windows, allowing the windows to be a little brighter, and making sure that the outside scenery is visible from the windows. This technique is achieved by using fill lights in the interiors by turning on all the interior lights and using professional flash equipment on or off camera. This makes sure that the light from the flashes looks natural and does not overpower the room creating hot spots.

Decoration and Staging – Preparing the interiors for a photo shoot results in capturing more professional images. Hiring a professional staging company to stage your listing helps you to sell your property faster and creates a picture portfolio to market your services efficiently to your future clients. This assures the clients that your work is done professionally by experts in the industry.

Use of proper Lens – In architectural photography and real estate interior and exterior photography, the use of proper lens distinguishes an amateur from a professional. The best lenses to use to capture the perfect shots include 12 mm to 16 mm lenses. This crucial element in interior photography enables you to get the widest possible view with least distortion.

Straight Horizontals and Verticals – Straight horizontal and vertical lines are a must-have to depict a building or a room perfectly, otherwise, it appears as if the building or the room is about to fall apart. This brings us to another important tool in real estate and architectural photography, namely the tripod, to be precise, tripod with bubble level. Similar to constructing a building where bubble levels are used to make sure that the walls are straight, in photography these levels are used to accurately photograph rooms without making any kind of distortion to horizontal and vertical lines in a given room.

Post Production – Digital photography requires post production work, which may range from color correcting for accurate representation and opening up the shadows for more detail to balancing the interior to exterior lights and finally resizing the images for online usage and MLS uploads. Some of the post-production software utilized for achieving the best real estate photography include Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. Post production is your friend, although it adds one or two hours to a photography project, the final quality outcome and continued loyalty from clients makes it a must do and must have in professional architectural photography.


Dear Erick, My pictures are wonderful, thank you so much. I really enjoyed our session and of course meeting you. Katina

katina M

My pictures are wonderful

I loved working with Erick from start to finish. His relaxed yet professional approach to photography made it fun and refreshing to work with him and his creative team of expert makeup artist and wardrobe stylist. Erick’s laid-back manner immediately put me at ease and in the right frame of mind for the headshots. The only difficult part was deciding which shots to choose form my portfolio. My managers and agents were thrilled as well. I will definitely use Expozme Creative Photography next time I need new shots. My hat’s off to you and your creative team Erick. Thanks for a great experience.

Christina B.

Excellent Photography, Fair Pricing, Fantastic Retouching work. If you are the kind that values true professionalism and integrity both in quality of workmanship and pricing, Erick Amirkhanian at expozme photography studio is where you need to go to promote your business. Thank you Erick for a job well done and a bar none experience.
You can count on my business with you again very soon.

Rick Y.